Parent Resources

We’ve compiled a list of resources each week to help you lead your family in discussions about what you’re learning through The Gospel Project curriculum on Sunday mornings. Select a date below to see questions and resources for that week that you can utilize in discussions and family devotions. The age ranges are just suggestions, so feel free to mix and match what works best for you and your family.

February 24
A Picture of Atonement (Rules for Sacrifice)

March 3
The Rebellion of God’s People (Joshua and Caleb)
Numbers 13-14

March 10
The Promise of God’s Provision (The Bronze Snake)
Numbers 20-21

March 17
The Blessings on God’s People (Balaam and Balak)
Numbers 22-24

March 24
The Promise of God’s Presence (Moses’ Farewell)
Deuteronomy 31-34

March 31
The Call to Courage (Crossing the Jordan)
Joshua 1-4

April 7
The Promise of Victory (The Battle of Jericho)
Joshua 2; 6

April 14*
The Provision of Peace (Taking the Land)
Joshua 10-11; 24

April 21*
Fear Gives Way (Jesus’ Crucifixion and Resurrection)
Matthew 26-28

April 28
The Pattern of Rebelling (Israel’s Unfaithfulness)
Judges 1-3

May 5
The Wisdom of a Deliverer (Deborah and Barak)
Judges 4-5

May 12
The Weakness of a Rescuer (Gideon)
Judges 6-8

May 19
The Humiliation of the Proud (Samson)
Judges 13-16

May 26*
The Hope of Redemption (Ruth and Boaz)

*There are no 9am classes on these dates